Pet Health Insurance Information for your Family Pets

You've made the investment and commitment to adopt a kitten or cat...

Health insurance plans for your pets can be a great way to curb not only routine pet health care costs, but also to help with emergency and unexpected veterinary expenses.

Here are a few plans we recommend:

Embrace Pet Insurance specializes in pet health insurance for cats and dogs.

Embrace Pet Insurance With a fully customizable policy, an online signup process, and a website with tons of info, check them out and request a free quote. Breed-specific conditions can lie dormant for years. When they do show signs it can be very expensive to treat them. An Embrace plan will pay your veterinary bills in the event that your pet develops one.

Treatment for many breed-specific conditions requires corrective surgery and some are also chronic conditions that require ongoing care. One of the most common breed-specific conditions for Bengal cats is Patellar Luxation of the knees which is covered by Embrace!

Pet Assure vs. Pet Insurance:

#1 Pet Insurance Alternative

Present your Pet Assure membership card to any participating vet and you will receive 25% off your bill right at vet's office on all of the following services: Office Visit & Exams, Shots, Elective Procedure (e.g., dental care), Surgery (e.g., spaying & neutering), Hospitalization (in Network), more. With a Pet Assure membership, your pet's age, breed, or health condition do not matter. Every pet is covered.

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