Bengal Kittens 2011

Diva Delivered 2 Spotted Kittens on April 20!

This is her first litter and she's an amazing mother. Their spots are already forming into rosettes which is incredible!!! These two are expected to be our premiere kittens of the summer. They are up on all fours now and so cute.

Portia Delivered 4 Spotted Kittens on April 25!

Her kittens are large and healthy with big voices. Beautiful symmetrical spots, beautiful.

Juliet ("Momma") Delivered 2 Spotted Kittens on May 7!

Beautiful babies! Can't wait to see how they develop... Stay tuned. See photos of Momma's last litter below.

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The Winter 2010 Litter Memory Album:

Note: Small kittens appear to have blue eyes in the pictures. Their eyes will change to a Bengal gold or green as they grow. Their coats fill in with a golden tan to brownish and their spots can open to rosettes.

Olivia with newborn Bengal Kittens Olivia with newborn Bengal Kittens


Photo Album:

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