The Price of Our Kittens

This Bengal Kitten is 1 week old from our 11/02/10 litter

All registered, pedigreed cats, including the Bengal, are priced according to quality. Quality refers to the evaluation of the kitten to the Bengal Standard. There are three qualities: Pet, Breeder, and Show. Our kittens are evaluated and priced according to the individual merits of each specific cat when they are approximately five weeks old.

We focus on finding excellent homes for our kittens, ideally as pets and are happy to sell an extraordinary kitten at a pet price in most cases. We can work out payments as needed. Our proceeds go back into excellent care for our cats and also to help our rescue organization friends.


Prices vary from $1,000 to $1,200 for pet kittens (average $1,000) spay/neuter agreement), $1,800-$2,500 for Breeders (average $2,000). We can work a deal with a cash plus "kitten back" on a breeding cat sale. If you want more than one kitten, you get a $100 discount per kitten.

Shipping by Air

Buyer pays shipping, seller provides health docs. Airline costs to buyer average about $300.

What you Get!

    • A beautiful, healthy, exotic kitten with a 5 (or 5+) generation purebred Bengal pedigree.
      • Litter box trained
      • Fully weaned, feeding routine established
      • Socialized with both adults and children
      • Socialized with (friendly) dogs
    • Digital "baby pictures" of first kitten days that we take (not professional).
    • A written terms of contract and health guarantee.
    • A record of health examination and all current age-appropriate vaccinations. ($150 value)
    • TICA registration application with appropriate information (after spay/neuter verification)