Cat Associations & Bengal Breed Standards

The International Cat Association (TICA)
Boulder Bengals Cattery, our Bengal Cats and their pedigrees are registered with TICA.

The Bengal Breed - a TICA Perspective

A Breed Seminar by Jeff and Heather Roberts

Comprehensive seminar notes on the Bengal Breed from the TICA perspective, including history and detailed notes on what TICA judges look for in Bengal show cats. Click Here.

Bengal Breed Association Acceptance and Bengal Breed Standards




Although increasingly popular, the Bengal breed is controversial because some cat fanciers are concerned that the wild blood may cause temperament problems. Others are not in favor of breeding domestic cats to wild cats for conservation reasons, since most of our wild cats are threatened or endangered. It is not expected tha the Bengal breed will ever be accepted by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), since CFA's board has voted not to accept any breed with documented non-domestic ancestry.

Bengal Cat Clubs


The International Bengal Breeders Association

United Kingdom

The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain
The Bengal Cat Club
The Ocicat and Bengal Cat Club
Bengal Cat Magazine (webzine)

Germany, Switzerland, Austria

IG Bengal Katzen Schweiz
Come In Bengals

Holland-Nederlands: Neobengalen

Sweden: Bengal Cat Club Sweden

Denmark: Bengal Cat Association of Denmark

Norway: Bengalkatten

France: Cercle Felin du Bengal

Poland: Koty Bengalskie